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Dolmilk Cat

Complete milk replacer for kittens

Additional Info

  • Properties: Dolmilk Cat contains ingredients in optimal amount and proportions. The protein is only from milk origin. Homogeneous fat in the form of microparticles is perfectly absorbed.
    The formula is enriched with vitamins, amino acids (including taurine), macro and micronutrients as well as lactose on a safe level.
    Dolmilk Cat completely covers nutritional needs of all breeds of kittens.
  • When to apply:
    • too many kitties
    • orphans or rejected kitties
    • too little milk
    • supplementing shortages
  • How to apply: Dolmilk Cat should be dissolved in boiled water at 50°C in the ratio 1:2 (1 measuring cup of the formula per 2 measuring cups of water). The temperature of milk given to kittens should be 35-38°C.
    Dolmilk Cat is also recommended in case of complementary feeding (according to kittens’ needs).
  • Components: Additives in 1 kg
    Dietary additives:
    Taurine                                      1,3 g
    Vitamin A                         29 500 IU
    Vitamin D3                            4 900 IU
    Vitamin E                             132 mg
    Vitamin C                             200 mg
    Vitamin B1                              12 mg
    Vitamin B2                              20 mg
    Vitamin B6                              10 mg
    Vitamin B12                             20 µg
    Niacin                                    100 mg
    Pantothenic acid                  50 mg
    Folic acid                                  2 mg
    Choline chloride              1 000 mg
    Iron (ferrous (II) sulfate * H2O) 120mg, Manganese (manganese (II) oxide) 75mg, Zinc (zinc sulfate * H2O) 200mg, Iodine (potassium iodide) 3mg, Selenium (sodium (IV) selenite) 0,3mg
    Analytical constituents
    Crude protein 35%, Oils and crude fats 21%, Crude ash 12%, Crude fibre 0,5%
    Additional information
    Lysine 3,6g/kg, Methionine + Cystine 1,6g/kg, Threonine 1,3g/kg, Tryptophan 0,3g/kg, Valine 0,7g/kg
    Composition: concentrated whey protein, whey in powder, coconut oil
  • Content of a package: 200 g