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LespeDol mini

Diuretic effect
Tablets for cats and small dogs. Complementary feed.

Additional Info

  • Properties: LespeDol mini contains natural substances showing diuretic properties, which favours purifying the body by removing toxins and products of metabolism. Components of the formula support functioning of the urinary tract in dogs and cats.
  • How to apply: 1 tablet per 3 kg body weight/day.
  • Components: Additives in 1 tablet
    2.b. – Lespedeza Extract 60 mg
    2.b. – Orthosiphon stamineus 30 mg
    dry beer yeast, magnesium stearate
    Analytical constituents
    crude protein 18,6%, crude fiber 4,2%, crude ash 3,7%, oils and crude fats 0%, calcium 0%, phosphorus 0,6%, sodium 0,7%, potassium 0%
  • Content of a package:

    60 mini pills