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Dolvit Cannabis Oil

Oil with CBD for dogs and cats
Complementary feed

Additional Info

  • Properties: Dolvit Cannabis Oil contains cannabidiol (CBD), a natural substance found in hemp, which has a broad spectrum of effects. CBD has a beneficial effect on the performance, condition and health of animals. Its positive properties are supplemented by addition of omega-6, omega-3 and omega-9 unsaturated fatty acids and many valuable phytonutrients (including CBDA, CBDV, CBG, CBC, CBN, CBGA) and natural antioxidants.
  • How to apply: dogs and cats: 1-2 drops per 5 kg of body weight per day
    1 drop contains 2 mg CBD
  • Components: Additives in 1 ml
    CBD 30% oil                                                       220 mg
    Tocopherol extracts from plant oils              1,8 mg
    Composition: borage oil (Borago officinalis L.), cannabis oil (Cannabis sativa L.),
    omega-6, omega-3, omega-9 acids  
    Analytical constituents: Crude protein 0%, Crude oils and fats 100%, Crude ash 0%, Crude fibre 0%
  • Content of a package: 10 ml