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Dolvet Calcium

Red algae and Oyster shells
Complementary mineral feed for dogs and cats

Additional Info

  • Properties: Dolvet Calcium a natural source of calcium from red algae Phymatolithon calcareum (Lithothamnium calcareum) and oyster shells. Calcium influences the proper development of the skeleton and dentition, especially in growing animals. It is essential for proper development.
    Red algae also provide a natural form of other precious minerals which support the condition of bones, muscles and heart. The formula is an excellent source of highly absorbable calcium and covers the demand for calcium in BARF diet.
  • Components: Composition: 70% red algae, 30% calcium carbonate from oyster shells
    Analytical constituents
    Calcium 32%, Sodium 0,7%, Phosphorus 0%
  • Instructions: 1 measure (5 g) for 10 kg body weight / day
  • Content of a package: 500 g