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Dolvet Flex

Type II Collagen, MSM and Wild Rose
Complementary feed for dogs

Additional Info

  • Properties: Dolvet Flex enriches diet with valuable natural ingredients.
    The formula contains type II collagen - the most important protein component of joint cartilage. It determines the strength and resistance of the cartilage.
    MSM is an organic sulfur compound necessary for the reconstruction of joints. It speeds up the processes of regeneration of muscle tissue, connective tissue and cartilage.
    Wild rose is a natural source of vitamin C, which participates in the synthesis of collagen.
    Recommended for young dogs during intensive growth, as well as for animals with joint disorders.
  • Components: Composition: hydrolyzed type II collagen, MSM, wild rose extract
    Analytical constituents: Crude protein 48%, Crude fibre 0%, Crude fats 0,2%, Crude ash 0,1%
  • Instructions: cats and small dogs - 1-2 measures / day
    medium-sized dogs 2-3 measures / day
    large dogs - 3-4 measures / day
    1 measure = 0,6 g
  • Content of a package: 100 g