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ImmunoDol Paste

Immunity support
Paste for dogs and cats. Complementary feed.

Additional Info

  • Properties: ImmunoDol Paste is a paste for dogs and cats with natural ingredients like: Beta-1,3/1,6-glucan, black-caraway (Nigella sativa), wild rose (Rosa canina L.), and fish oil, which support natural immune response.
    Components of the formula improve immunity and strengthen the body.
  • How to apply: cats and small dogs: 1-2 g / day
    medium-sized dogs: 2-3 g / day
    large dogs:                  4-5 g / day
    1 tea spoon = 5 g
  • Components: Composition of 1 kg
    Beta-1,3/1,6-glucan                                 40 000 mg
    Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA)                    6 000 mg
    Linoleic acid (LA)                                       17 300 mg
    Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)                    1 800 mg
    Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)                   1 200 mg
    Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA)                      35 000 mg
    Composition: dry beer yeast, soybean oil, lecithin, borage oil, linseed oil, fish oil, products of plant processing (Nigella sativa, Rosa canina L.)
    Analytical constituents: Crude protein 13,6%, Oils and crude fats 35%, Crude ash 1,5%, Crude protein 2,4%, Humidity 20%, Calcium 0,2%, Phosphorus 0,4%, Magnesium 0%, Sodium 0%, Sulfur 0,1%

  • Content of a package: 100 g