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Supports kidneys functioning
Complementary feed for dogs and cats

Additional Info

  • Properties: ChitoFos is a formula for dogs and cats with components supporting kidneys functioning.
    Chitosan is a component of sea crustaceans which eliminates harmful substances - uremic toxins from the body. Calcium carbonate binds phosphorus and creates insoluble phosphate salts, which limits its excess in the organism.
  • How to apply: 1g (1 measuring cup) per 5 kg body weight twice a day
    The formula should me mixed with wet feed.
  • Components: Composition
    lactose, calcium carbonate, chitosan
    Analytical constituents
    Crude protein 3%, Crude fiber 0,2%, Oils and crude fats 0,05%, Crude ash 11,4%
    Additional information
    Chitosan 90g/kg
  • Content of a package: 60 g, 150 g