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Natural protection of the urinary tract
Tablets for dogs. Dietetic complementary feed.

Additional Info

  • Purpose: UrinoDol is a complementary dietetic feed which stimulates the correct functioning of dog’s urinary system.
    Cranberry extract eliminates harmful bacteria from urinary system. Parsley extract is a diuretic which flushes out toxins and microbes. Hyaluronic acid forms a protective layer of the bladder mucosa. Glucosamine seals the wall of the bladder.
  • Components: Composition:
    dry beer yeast, glucosamine, products of plant processing – cranberry Extract, parsley Extract, hyaluronic acid, maltodextrin, magnesium stearate
    Contents and type of substances acidifying urine in 1 tablet
    Cranberry Extract 250 mg
    Additional information
    Parsley Extract 100 mg/tab.
    Glucosamine 100 mg/tab.
    Hyaluronic acid 5 mg/tab.
    Analytical constituents
    Crude protein 18,5%, Crude fibre 10,2%, Oils and crude fats 0,7%, Crude ash 7,4%
    Calcium 11%, Phosphorus 8,5%, Sodium 0,7%, Magnesium 0%, Potassium 0%, Chlorides 1,2%, Sulfur 0,4%
  • Instructions: 1 tablet per 20 kg body weight/day
    Recommended time of use: up to 6 months.
    It is recommended to consult a veterinarian before the 1st application.
  • Content of a package:

    60 pills