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Complementary mineral feed for horses.

Additional Info

  • Properties: HORSEMIX UNIVERSAL is a multicomponent complementary feed which supplements with macro and micronutrients, vitamins and amino acids. It covers shortages in basic feeds.
    High concentration of components makes it possible to set up an optimal dietary dose.
  • Components: Additives in 1kg
    Dietary additives:
    Vitamin A  500 000 IU
    Vitamin D3  50 000 IU
    Vitamin E 6 600 mg
    DL- α-Tocopherol 6 000 mg
    Vitamin K 150 mg
    Vitamin B1 330 mg
    Vitamin B2 350 mg
    Vitamin B6 250 mg
    Vitamin B12 1 100 μg
    Biotin 16 000 μg
    Niacin 1 000 mg
    Pantothenic acid 480 mg
    Folic acid 150 mg
    Choline chloride 6 400 mg
    Betaine 3 430 mg
    Iron (iron sulfate) 1 400mg, Iron (iron chelate) 600mg, Iodine (potassium iodide) 16mg, Copper (copper sulfate) 700mg, Copper (copper chelate) 300mg, Manganese (manganese oxide) 1 470mg, Manganese (manganese chelate) 630mg , Zinc (zinc oxide) 1 470mg, Zinc (zinc sulfate) 1 470mg, Zinc (zinc chelate) 1 260mg, Selenium (sodium selenite) 10mg; Antioxidants
    Additional information: Lysine 4,4g/kg, Methionine+Cystine 1,4g/kg, Threonine 2,9g/kg, Tryptophan 0,6g/kg, Magnesium 40g/kg
    Analytical constituents in 1kg: Calcium 195g, Phosphorus 100g, Sodium 8g 
    Composition: dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, dry beer yeast, calcium-magnesium carbonate, magnesium oxide, sodium chloride
  • Instructions:
    • Foals – 25g/day/a foal
    • Weanings, young animals – 50g/day/a horse
    • Non-working horses – 80g/day/a horse
    • Recreational and sport horses in light training– 80-100g/day/a horse
    • Horses in intense training, pregnant and breeding mares– 100-200g/day/a horse
  • Content of a package: 2 kg bag
    8 kg bucket
    10 kg bag
    20 kg bag