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Complementary mineral feed for horses


Additives in 1kg


VItamin D3 (E671) 100 000 IU

Vitamin C 80 000 mg

Trace elements

Copper (cupric sulfate * 5H2O; E4) 4 000 mg

Manganese (manganese (II) oxide; E5) 20 000 mg

Zinc (zinc chelate of glycine hydrate; E6) 10 000 mg

Antioxidants: E 324 Ethoxyquin 106,7mg, E 321 BHT 117,6mg, E 310 Propyl gallate 20mg

Preservatives: E 330 Citric acid 200mg

Additional information

Glucosamine sulfate 120 000mg/kg

Chonroitin sulfate 90 000mg/kg

Lysine 3 g/kg

Methionine + Cystine 1 g/kg

Threonine 2 g/kg

Tryptophan 0,5 g/kg

Valine 2,6 g/kg

Analytical constituents in 1kg

Calcium 150g, Phosphorus 45g, Sodium 7,8g


dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, glucosamine, chondoitin, dry beer yeast, sodium chloride

Additional Info

  • Properties: HORSEMIX BIOTIN is a complementary dietetic feed recommended in case of problems with hooves and skin. It supports proper creation of hoof structure and regular growth of the corn which should be flexible, hard, and resistant to mechanical damage and injuries. Formula with biotin and zinc contributes to improvement in condition of skin and coat.
  • Components: Additives in 1kg
    Dietary additives:
    Biotin                5 700 000 μg
    Vitamin A          1 500 000 IU
    Vitamin B6                  800 mg
    Copper (cupric sulfate)                           1 750 mg
    Copper (cupric chelate)                             750 mg
    Zinc                                                            37 000 mg
       of which from zinc oxide                  10 000 mg
       of which from zinc sulfate               17 000 mg
       of which from zinc chelate              10 000 mg
    Amino acids, their salts and analogues:
    L-Methionine                         332 g
    Additional information – content in 1kg
    L-Methionine + Cystine      330 g
    Lysine                                           7 g
    Threonine                                    5 g
    Tryptophan                              1,3 g
    Valine                                           6 g
    Sulfur                                         92 g
    Analytical constituents
    Crude protein 9,8%, Crude fibre 0,1%, Oils and crude fats 0%, Crude ash 44%, Calcium 0,05%, Phosphorus 0,3%, Sodium 0,8%
    dry beer yeast, sodium chloride
  • Instructions:
    • Pregnant and nursing mares: 4-5 measuring cups (16-20g)/day/a horse
    • Sport horses: 3 measuring cups (12g)/day/ a horse (in case of significant changes 5 measuring cups (20g)/day/a horse)
    • Young animals (under 3 years): 2 measuring cups (8g)/day/a horse
    • Horses which get only the basic ration (oats, hay, with no other feed additives): 5 measuring cups (20g)/day/a horse
  • Content of a package: 500 g box
    2 kg bag