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Complementary mineral feed for horses


Additional Info

  • Properties: Glucosamine and chondroitin are essential components of synovial fluid and cartilage responsible for proper joint nutrition. Hyaluronic acid is a basic component of synovial fluid which improves penetration of nutritional substances into tissues. Micro-elements: copper, manganese, and zinc improve cartilage regeneration. Vitamin E, C and selenium increase body protection against free radicals. Vitamin D3 stabilizes development of skeletal system.
    MSM (metylosulfonylomethane) is an organic sulphur compound necessary for joint regeneration.
  • When to apply:
    • joints protection in foals, and weanings (under 1 year), sport horses, pregnant mares
    • protection of overburdened joints in case of overweight, exercise, races, etc.
    • period of convalescence
  • How to apply: Mix with concentrate feed directly before feeding.
    foals: 10 g/day (2 measuring cups)
    weanings, sport horses: 15-20 g/day (3-4 measuring cups)
    mares in the last trimester of pregnancy: 25-30 g/day (5-6 measuring cups)
  • Components: Additives in 1kg
    Dietary additives:
    Vitamin D3  100 000 IU
    Vitamin C 80 000 mg
    Vitamin E 12 000 mg
    Copper (cupric sulfate) 2 500 mg
    Manganese (manganese oxide) 15 000 mg
    Zinc (zinc sulfate) 5 000 mg
    Zinc (zinc chelat) 10 000 mg
    Selenium (sodium selenite) 45 mg
    Additional information – content in 1kg
    Glucosamine sulfate 135 000 mg
    Chondroitin sulfate 97 500 mg
    MSM 10 800 mg
    Hyaluronic acid 5 400 mg
    Analytical constituents in 1kg
    Calcium 90g, Phosphorus 70g, Sodium 7,7g, Magnesium 14g
    dicalcium phosphate, glucosamine, chondroitin, dry beer yeast, magnesium oxide, MSM, hyaluronic acid
  • Content of a package: 500g box
    2kg bag