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Dolvit Loty (Racing)

Special conditioner with minerals, amino acids and vitamins for pigeons.

Additional Info

  • Properties: During flights ,pigeons need more vitamins, especially vitamins B. Due to severe tension, they also need more vitamin C, E and selenium. Dolvit Loty is a great formula with 14 vitamins, easy-to-absorb mineral compounds (micro- and macronutrients) and essential amino acids. Herbs are added to improve functioning of digestive tract, product contains also vitamins B. Effect is even better when GlukoVit is applied at the same time.
  • When to apply: Dolvit Loty is essential during flights and before them. Regular feeding with the product guarantees many achievements in flights.
  • How to apply: We start giving the formula 10-14 days before the 1st competition and go on during whole flying season. Normally we give 1g to 1 pigeon- 1 measuring cup to 5 pigeons daily. A dose can be doubled during 3-5 days if needed. Formula is given in a separate mineral hawk and animals eat it when they need. Certain amount of a product can be mixed with grains. it is reccomended to sprinkle the feed with garlic or lemon oil, alternatively with water and sugar, to improve connection between the preparation and the grains.
  • Content of a package: box 400g
    box 1000g
    bag 1kg
    bag 10kg