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Complementary feed for pigeons.
Dry beer yeast, B vitamins.

Additional Info

  • Properties: ToroVit is a complementary feed for pigeons with beer yeast, B vitamins, amino acids and other valuable components. The components of the formula show beneficial effects on growth of young animals, improve natural immunity, and ease the effects of bad nutritional and environmental factors. Regular supplementation with ToroVit leads to a visible improvement of pigeons’ shape during flights. If applied during moulting, it accelerates the process and improves proper feather creation.
  • When to apply: ToroVit has very good effect on growth of young pigeons, improves immunity, eases consequences of bad conditions of environment and bad feeding. Regular giving the formula contributes to visible improvement in pigeons' shape during flying stage. Applying the preparation during moulting stage guarantees efficiency of this period and creation of very good feathers.
  • How to apply: During breeding and moulting: 30 g of the mix, that is 8 measuring cups per 1 kg of feed.
    Before flights: starting one month before the start of flying season, every day 30 g of the mix per 1 kg of feed.
    During flights: on the return day and the following day, one should apply 30 g of the mix per 1 kg of feed.
    It is recommended to sprinkle the feed with garlic oil or lemon juice, alternatively – water with sugar so that ToroVit attaches to grains.
  • Components: Additives in 1kg
    Vitamin B1 30 mg
    Vitamin B2 120 mg
    Vitamin B6 50 mg
    Vitamin B12 150 µg
    Biotin 1800 µg
    Nicotinic acid 470 mg
    Pantothenic acid 36 mg
    Folic acid 18 mg
    Choline 4 800 mg
    Additional information:
    Threonine 24,3 g/kg, Tryptophan 14,8 g/kg, Valine 22,8 g/kg
    Dry beer yeast, sodium chloride
    Analytical constituents
    Crude protein 32,6%, Crude fibre 7,4%, Oils and crude fats 0,8%, Crude ash 7,8%, Lysine 3,7%, Methionine 1,2%, Calcium 0,2%, Sodium 0,7%, Phosphorus 1,2%
  • Content of a package: box 500g
    bag 1kg
    bag 10kg